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The term "oriental carpets" simply means carpets from the East, but it is usually applied to hand-knotted rugs, produced in the wide area stretching from the Balkans in south-east Europe, over Turkey (Anatolia), North Africa, the Caucasus, Iran (formaly Persia), Afghanistan, Baluchistan (now Pakistan), part of India, Turkmenistan (Turkestan) and China.

The Oriental carpets could be grouped according to design: medallion, hunting, vase and flower rugs, rugs of geometrical design, and prayer rugs.

Based on the most usual method of classifying rugs - by their place of origin - we placed our rugs' kits in the following main groups:

1. The Persian (the Iranian).

2. The Turkoman. These are the popular "red" carpets, comprising the Turkoman, Afghan and Baluchistan rugs from Central Asia.

3. The Caucasian, with geometrical figures for their main decoartion.

4. The Turkish (Anatolian).

5. The Indian, Pakistani and Chinese.


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