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Miniature Rug MUTLULUK Petit Point Kit


Miniature Rug MUTLULUK Petit Point kit

141 x 257 stitches, DMC

It measures:

if stitched on 40 count - 3.52" x 6.42" or 8,95 x 16,32 cm

if stitched on 48 count - 2.94" x 5.35" or 7,46 x 13,60 cm

The KIT contains:

- chart printed on multiple pages with color symbols

- silk gauze (please, indicate a count of silk gauze when ordering)

- floss sufficient to finish the project

- needle

- instructions

The pattern is charted for stitching with DMC. However, it's recomended to stitch with any over dyed floss of your choice to give a rug that antique worn look.

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