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I've heard so many times from different designers/artists that a reason why they endeavored their own artistic path of expressing themselves was a fact that they couldn't find what they were looking for. It comes not only to a Needle Art, but also to Dance, Painting, Writing, Cooking... We are constantly challenging our artistic boundaries, mastering our skills, searching for the answers. 

You buy a pattern or a kit you like, but are not happy about the colors and decide to change some, or all of them... Is it you? 
Then this challenge is calling your name, because it allows you to express yourself and be your own artist. 

I would like to invite you into a fun of creating your own carpet and "paint" it with the colorful threads YOU chose. Each finished rug will be as original and unique as you are, as your vision, your imagination, your perspective of life.

The contest starts on February, 1st, 2018 and will end on February, 28th, 2019. March of 2019 will be given to finish the carpet (blocking, fringing, or framing, etc...). 

At the beginning of each month, starting this February,  I'll post a part of the pattern of the carpet that is supposed to be stitched during a following month. Each part will be charted with black symbols which are supposed to be "colored" by you. There will be 12 parts with NON-repeatable motifs that will form a gorgeous carpet at the end that YOU painted!

There are no restrictions towards this creative concept, but two.

1. The carpet should be stitched on silk gauze. If stitched on 40 count the finished size of the rug will be approx. 6" x 8".

2. You need to sign up with a Facebook open to public group Colorful Amalgam and post the pictures of stitching progress each month. If you don't have a Facebook account, forward your images to me and I'll gladly post them on the group's page.

A winner, that will be chosen by public vote, will receive a main prize of $200. 

Happy stitching!

P.S.: According to the Cambridge Dictionary a word "Amalgam" means "a combination of parts that create a complete whole".  
March has arrived but we still don't have a feeling of Spring coming soon over here in Washington state. It snows, gloomy and grey. Anyway, each time I look at all work you have done with Colorful Amalgam project my soul sings! So many different ideas, so absolutely unexpected, some calm and some vibrant colors. With February was over officially February Section was finished and the stitching progress for that month was posted. So far, we have 9 stitchers who posted the pictures for February and who is eligible for a monitory prize when the rug is completed. Thank you very much for that piece of colorful holiday.
I added a PDF file for March Section. You need to click a button to upload a PDF file of the pattern. As you can see from the picture March section is located on the right side and finishes the width of the rug that is 240 stitches. From now the following sections of the pattern will go down.

July Section is added. Please, click on a button to upload a file of the July installment.

August/September Section. Please, click on a button to upload a file of the August/September installments.

February 2018 Section 1

March 2018 Section 2

June 2018 Section 5

July 2018 Section 6 

August/September 2018

Sections 7 and 8