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OOAK and an Award Winning TREE OF LIFE Rug

OOAK and an award-winning rug Tree of Life 1 is stitched on 56 count silk gauze with over dyed Tudor Gloriana silk floss with 89 colors (93 skeins total).

The Tree of Life 1 won the 1st PIMA 2016 prize (Perfection in Miniature Awards) that was held at the Kensington Dollhouse Festival in London, May 2016. This is what the judges said about this carpet:

"Some miniatures take a while to absorb. At first glance it was a beautiful rug, but then you look closer & you see the absurdly tiny stitches, the multitude of colours used to give the subtle shades & shapes of the creatures depicted. You turn the rug over & it is as neat & perfect as the top. It was virtually impossible to find any error or criticisms in the piece."

Tree of Life 1 carpet is available for sale as a pattern and as a kit. 

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