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I started working on the TREE OFLIFE series last year. The first carpet Tree of Life 1 was stitched in 3 months and won the 1st PIMA (Perfection in Miniature Awards) prize at the Kensington Dollhouse Festival in May 2016.

This is what the judges said about this carpet:


"Some miniatures take a while to absorb. At first glance it was a beautiful rug, but then you look closer & you see the absurdly tiny stitches, the multitude of colours used to give the subtle shades & shapes of the creatures depicted. You turn the rug over & it is as neat & perfect as the top. It was virtually impossible to find any error or criticisms in the piece."

OOAK and an award-winning rug Tree of Life 1 is stitched on 56 count silk gauze with over dyed Tudor Gloriana silk floss - 89 colors (93 skeins total).

There are 4 carpets in TREE OF LIFE series. They are all available forsale in the form of a kit. 

Tree of Life carpets are available for sale in the form of a kit. The Tree of Life 4 kit will be available shortly.


The pattern is printed on multiple pages with color symbols. The sheets are loose. I wanted to make it as comfortable as possible for your use.


Each kit uses 56 count silk gauze and overdyed fine Tudor Gloriana silk floss. Each finished rug will have a different look due to using over dyed silk floss.


Tree of Life Design is versatile and can be used for anything: pillows, table cover, book cover, bell pulls, etc... Different parts of the design can make small pin cushion, book marks, needle books, etc... Just let your imagination flow.


The prices for the kits are determined by an amount of colors and skeins used for each carpet, ordering supplies, handling and shipping.




Chose a kit to PRE-ORDER.



PRE-ORDER will last through February, shipping will start on the 1st of June. I am attanding as a dealer a main event of a year - Chicago International Dollhouse show - and due to the preparation and participation I won't be able to put the kits together in a short period of time. I appreciate your understanding.


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