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TREE OF LIFE series include 4 carpets. The Tree of Life 4 will be available shortly. All kits include: 56 count silk gauze, Tudor Gloriana silk floss, patterns on multiple pages with color symbols, instructions, needles. 

You can PRE-ORDER the kits here. 

PRE-ORDER will last through February, shipping will start on the 1st of June. I am attending as a dealer a main event of a year - Chicago International Dollhouse show - and due to the preparation and participation I won't be able to put the kits together in a short period of time. I appreciate your understanding.



OOAK and an award-winning rug Tree of Life 1 is stitched on 56 count silk gauze with over dyed Tudor Gloriana silk floss with 89 colors (93 skeins total). 

The Tree of Life 1 won the 1st PIMA 2016 prize (Perfection in Miniature Awards) that was held at the Kensington Dollhouse Festival in London, May 2016. 

Needlepoint Rug KIT Dollhouse Miniature TREE OF LIFE 1

 479 x 471 stitches

 It measures 8.55" x 8.41" (21,73 x 21,36 cm)

89 colors

Needlepoint Rug KIT Dollhouse Miniature TREE OF LIFE 2

 479 x 471 stitches

 It measures 8.55" x 8.41" (21,73 x 21,36 cm)

94 colors

Needlepoint Rug KIT Dollhouse Miniature TREE OF LIFE 3

 479 x 471 stitches

 It measures 8.55" x 8.41" (21,73 x 21,36 cm)

114 colors

We offer Dollhouse Miniature Needlepoint and Micro Petit Point patterns and kits for mainly 1/12th scale dollhouses and room boxes.

The lines of products are: rugs, pillows, Christmas stockings, little slippers, firescreens, footstools, etc...

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 Dollhouse Needlepoint Patterns, Rug Kits, Christmas Stocking Kits, Slippers Kits, Pillow Kits.

We also offer Needlepoint Wood Kits by McQueenie's Company and you can purchase them HERE.

If you are looking for a source of silk gauze for your needlework project, you will find it at Silk Gauze Category. We offer silk gauze in cuts of 5" x 5", 12" x 12" and 36" x 36". If you are looking for different size, please, contact us for a quote. 

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The Needlework Kits are included everything you need to complete a project:

- silk gauze (due to the size of a project, we supply unframed silk gauze only for Needlepoint Rug Kits; the rest of Needlepoint Kits are coming with a framed silk gauze, as you can see on the picture)

- sufficient amount of floss (some kits are supplied with DMC, some kits are supplied with silk floss of suitable brand as indicated)

- a needle

- a pattern with color symbols (due to the size of a project, some patterns are printed on multiple pages)

- easy to follow general instructions. 

I am booked for 2016, but accept commissions for 2017. 

Thank you so much for your purchase! Please come again soon.

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